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Israel, Gaza, and America’s Jacksonians

I subscribe to a lot of blogs, but rarely have time to read most of the posts that come across my reader. Walter Russell Mead’s stuff, however, usually make the cut if I have any time at all to spare. A couple days ago, he posted this piece about the current war between Israel and Hamas and the stark differences between America’s reaction and, well, the rest of the world’s reaction. He nails it. Anyone that looks at America’s response and is just flabbergasted that we’re notĀ up in armsĀ about the invasion needs to read this. You may disagree with the result of these attitudes, but this describes a large swath of Americans attitude on the subject. (Full disclosure: I’m one of the people whose reaction is “What took Israel so long?)

This Administration Needs Training Wheels

Remember that little dust up a couple weeks ago when the PM of Britain, Gordon Brown, came to visit? President Obama gave what some people thought was a pretty cheesy gift for this level of diplomacy: a boxed DVD set of favorite American movies. (I mean, did he send an assistant to run to Target real quick before the meeting?) Still, I guess the Mr. Brown was “touched” by the gift.

Enter Mark Steyn, always on the case.

Mark (Hemingway), re that Gordon Brown box set, I was happy to string along with the jokes that the U.S.-format DVDs wouldn’t work on U.K. machines. Yet, at the back of my mind, I didn’t quite believe that even the Obamateur Hour crowd at the White House could be that clueless.


Training wheels, anyone? I’m thinking that Target trip actually happened. “Wow, this whole leader of the free world thing is hard!”

Busted Priorities

The Belmont Club had an interesting post a couple days ago highlighting, graphically, the West’s lack of perspective. The original post was done by Augean Stables. One of the Secretary of State’s first visits since being sworn in was visiting Israel, and attempting to kick start the (in it’s current state) hopeless peace process. This is seen from within and without the Obama Administration as one of their most pressing foreign relations issue. Yet, if you measure the conflicts by the sheer number dead or wounded, it’s ridiculously small.

Why the difference in how we approach the problem? I’m betting there’s lots of reasons. I remember when one of the Left’s problems with the Iraq War was that there were bigger, badder, more dangerous regimes elsewhere. What about Iran? What about North Korea? And yet, here we are with an extremely leftist President, and what’s front and center? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mr. Fernandez goes on to poke fun at the West’s insistence of looking at the world through some rather distorted lenses. I post it here directly with the hopes that Mr. Fernandez won’t mind. It’s pretty funny, but, well, kind of true.