A rare form of life: a conservative living in the Portland, Oregon metro area, and unfortunately for many, an opinionated one.

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  1. Jason –

    I have just published a book, Ending “Big SIS’ (The Special Interest State) and Renewing the American Republic, available at Amazon in paper ($8.60) or ebook ($3.99), and through other channels as well. It expands on the themes of an article to which you linked a couple of years ago, The Coming of the Fourth American Republic.

    While I have no objection to selling books, my motives are political (i.e., helping to save the nation) more than economic, and I am anxious to reach beyond my circle of think tank analysts and political junkies and reach citizen activists.

    If you would like a review copy in ebook form, send a giftable email address to SpecialInterestState@gmail.com or jvdelong@comcast.net. You will need a Kindle reader of some kind (Kindle; iPad; cloud), but an iBooks version is in the works.

    For more information, see the supporting website at http://www.SpecialInterestState.org. It is not quite done yet, but is workable. In particular, it will have links to a storehouse of relevant books and articles, and to a Current News blog.

    Responding will not get you on any mailing lists. The website will have a button allowing you to sign up for continuing information on Big SIS. The only exception is that I will let you know when the website is complete.

    Best –
    Jim DeLong

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